The new satraps of the Ganesha Economy | Advantage zyaada

Reliance and ICICI Bank gave way to Unitech, PNB and Infosys as networks reviewed the Stock markets great climb back, recovering to its January 2008 levels. Even as the Nifty loses Unitech again as the company demerges and splits. Unitech may come back along with new peers GMR and JP associates and DLF may also try a bit of recovery with ICICI Bank and Reliance nearly losing 30% each from 2008. PNB Unitech and Infosys were among the 6 that nearly doubled in the same period. Infrastructure may now lead the regeneration for the Economy, India in relentless pursuit of double digit growth, after a reckoning for reality and construction led global happenstance of 2008.

As Dr Reddy and Bajaj come back to the National Stock Exchange Nifty index, the index also scaled a 2 year high led by these new market champions. Also evident is a supersizing of economic criteria and increased appetite in the financial markets even as credit growth remains sluggish and inflation becomes hard to control. Public Sector Banks, Lifestyle scrips like Talwalkars, Dominos’ Jubilant Foods and much more threats of competition from USE and MCX in derivatives and commodities and new bank licenses that demand $250mn net worth tabs mark a new maturing of these financial markets still making do with a not more than 25 million investor population and 5% weightages in Emerging Market Indices and ETFs

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