The rate hike debate and rising volumes in trade (Bank Policy Tuesday)

The rate hike arguments, the camp arguing that RBI is behind the curve (J. Aziz, Big Bull of Wool) and India’s own Procrastinators ( Big Bull of Home and hearth ) have all commente d on the double whammy and the market is utilising the opportunity to increase its own profit margins where it starts for a big zig ziggy right from 5700..The serious debate on rate hikes however is relatively simple, in favor of India’s baby steps and more such paranormal influences on duvvoori Rao tonight.  We will not slay inflation though, and that is why we will be growing thru 2012 and 2013 while China would have slayed inflation but not to fall behind us but to move on to try and get people to sell UST and buy Dim Dum bonds not for IPOs but for keeps as the battle to have a new home for the world’s reserve currency is about to start and it dfoes not include INdia, Asean, Asia, Europe and the Swiss or Australian’s to currency wars!

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