India Earnings Season: Dr Reddy’s redeems the sector’s performance

Dr Reddy addressing at Patent Symposium
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You know Healthcare is beating other sectors this year..

But here in India, Ranbaxy and Sree Aurobindo have led results based depths for the entire market while MNCs continue to showcase $200 million  odd sales wshether it be Merck of MSD, Glaxo of GSK, Pfizer even after sign up s with Biocon and then Sun Pharma itself which like Abobott find Piramal Healthcare is trying hard to diversify into bigger segments

Despite impending regulations making its imported APIs expensive to use in domestic best sellers and its production snafus of Q4, DRL reported great 23% and 101% yoy growth in Sales and Profits  on a consolidated basis to ready itself for a better FY12 with $500mln in sales bringing a marging of 16%+ to $84 mln profits keeping it the Top 3 heal. Lupin’s results continue to show a plateau but the management is greatly appreciated by investors and analysts, Stride Arcolabs a sure winner and Cadila consistently shining in results. Orchid Chem has had some volatile performance swings but along with Glenmark seem to be good scrips to stay with and push esp with FDI and M&A control regulations changing for the lucrative sector soon

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