Business TV Franchises in India/Asia – The ETNOW Hit

Bloomberg has obviously lost share in the last bull run and the aftermath, esp after AShu cost them quite a few pips. ETNow however has shown up strongly with good editorial content but more thanthat covering the young ones on the beat witha a couple of very glaring gaps being covered like Tomorrow’s Markets and some competition to Udayan finally with topical questioning from that boy in the woods, Nikunj Dalmia.

ET Now does claim 47% market share in Metro segments ( Delhi/Bombay?) The Investors Guide Transpose did not quite work, neither has Fund watch tajken off on Bloomberg UTV but ET brings in a certain topical directness that is refreshing to see esp in the trading room. But obviously, TV18 has much more market share and NDTV Profit and Bloomberg much more finesse.= and even global depth, Reuters unable to hand off its expertise on the Asia front to the Bennett Coleman team

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