The Retail Consumption level off – Bajaj Auto Results

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Motorcycle Sales at the Giant grew 37% for the year and the company holds $1.05 bln in Cash after growing sales for 8 consecutive quarters

Bajaj Auto stuck to its guidance and brokerage expectations scoring $1 bln and getting 20% growth. Exceptional profits of $181 mln grew its profit to $500 mln thus it has aintained volumes and not a dent to  margins despite tough inflationary conditions. the one time numbers added to the bottomline from sales tax deferrals even as DEPB benefits were withdrawn and failed to affect the bottomline Last year Q4 profits were $132 mln

Don’t buy your Mitts and retail holders yet!

MSCI Index added our favorite Mundra Port along with Dabur.  In Nov 2010 5 stocks have been added from the India story in Global indices incl PSB Canara Bank, new banking licence aspirant LIC Hsg Finance and Indusind Bank. Others were Cement majot Ultratech and Pharma mid cap Lupin. The other stocks were added to Small Cap indices and the India indices are now being updated with Shriram Transport Finance, Jubilant Foodworks, Mundra and Dabur

Anyway. with Emerging markets set for a rebound and India replete with buying opportunities, action is likely to return today itself into the world’s best capitalised and most accesssible markets in Mumbai.

We await results from Bajaj Auto (expect $1 billion sales per quarter to maintain) and ITC today. Dabur has in the meantime tomtommed its planns to diversify geographically adding units in Africa

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