Bankers Trust breaks the mold

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India has already started wih the leather hunt at Cannes, its 89 nominations yielding 2 bronzes in Promos and 3 silvers in Public Relations in the first 55 announced on Monday.

Closer home the “Bankers Trust” series on Bloomberg UTV should mint (sic!) bigger and stronger from here as Tamal Bandhopadhya makes a splash with illustrious public sector gentry. His session with Prateek Ch. was refreshing nad informative. The tryst with Chanda Kochchar on Indianomics and the public sector Bank of India interviews along with Subir Gokarna on Banker’s Trust / Final Word, is a refreshing change from the inane business programming earlier. On CNBC 18, Udayan continues too.

Seemingly al ot of ICICI Bank goings on in the Latha Venkatesh interview of Ms Chanda Kochar was inspiredf from our 2008 and 2009 essays on the bank? But no acknowledgemetnts so that just must have been the brush in the Aussie Desert..

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