Global Bank India 2010 reports

Deutsche Bank
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In the global banks results season analysis and reports , a mainstay of our success we had found special place for SCB’s reports whence India had a major share in the Half year and full year balance sheets. Stnchart 2010 reported a $1.3 bln profit from India, growing India profits by 15%

HSBC similarily reported a $750 mln year for March 2011 for India growing profits by 88%. This compares to $366 mln for Citi with 42 branches. 2012 figures include retail business from ABN/RBS branches

Deutsche Bank comes in a late fourth, excluding sale of its card unit. Its profits amount to $152.25 mln for its retail banking and Corporate transaction banking units. Citi’s shares in trade and corporate lending amount to 6% and 14?% respectively Stand alone financials for India might become fully available as bank subsidiarisation gets in and reference financials are also made available with RBI

Credit Deposit Ratio for Citi as a norm may come to just around 60% in contradiction to their stated subdued lending in India compared to a Credit deposit ratio of 75% again we are researching aavailable data slices for more detail

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