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Phase II of global MNC strategy in India sems to have started with a clean slate. Bigger players in personal wealth and Private banking space come from the top 3 in India, among Stanchart, HSBC and Cii. Smaller offshore franchises like Socgen do not seem to have growm. Deutsche Bank also planned an aggressive expansion in India, though in retail to $1 million deposits. Stanchart toook a new public PR route for its Private Banking appointment and it was refreshing to see banks sharing staff movement information.

StanChart’s Jaspal Bindra was appointed Group Executive Director in 2009 after a good stint as CEO of Asia during the crisis. TS Shankar was appointed as South Asia Treasury Chief earlier in the year. In the latest appointment Sandeep Das comes from Premier Wealth prodct to head Private Banking. Global Bank s are looking at asweet spot in retail banking for ‘higher’ networth individuals with deposits of nearer $1 millon. HSBC has also recently averred the same to be a profitable segment

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