What’s up with ING and Deutsche Bank in India?

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Even as ABN AMRO gets ready to re-enter India and ANZ is ready to come back to reclaim their territory, the new look branch and retail superstructure created by ING Vysya Bank and Deutsche Bank in India continues to look for higher volume business. ING is listed as a domestic bank while Deutsche Bank is growing under the global structure with South Asia and Asia independently managing regional operations. Both these banks are focussed on retail banking superstructure. Global Risk pools at ING and Deutsche Bank may be challenged by the bank subsidiarisation regulations, though both banks should be inherently ready for it. New look Indian Private Banks like Kotak had been unable to compete effecively with global bank preceptons and all make do with a stagnant marke without personal credit and asset management/bancassurance businesses.

New look Yes bank may yet break the mold however and expand the market while IDBI moves with ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank to rural marketspaces and Tier 2-3 towns to build on their distribution and public heritage.

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