Tracking IIPs and comparing India, US and China

India’s April, May and June IIP s are 7, 6.3 and 5.6% and show that inflation has indeed caused a slowdown. But at a granular level the capital goods figure is very volatile with the infrastructure IIP this time at 6% and last time at 16%, The Electric sector IIP remained a healthy 10%, and basic goods a really good 7.6% with consumer Goods managing 5.5% within that. At a granular level, the data probably will not stand close scrutiny and taking that to mean that we have hot pockets in the system like any banana republic would be detrimental to the analysis. China andthe US on the other hand have shown a distinct demarcation between manufacturing and services the higher changes easily explained as on the PMI US and China manufacturing tracked to 50 and lower showing a virtual full stop but Services maintained a rate of nearly 55 in both economies a heartening observation for jobs and employment. Can we get the same detail here please?Even on the MarkIt PMI index which is not government copy!! 

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