India Earnings Season: YES! delivers

The penciled results of Yes Bank in the wires finally managed to escape me as I started scratching aroudn for today’s Defense summits and the $4 bln C17 procurment from the US instead of the F-35 Lightning IIs that the USAF is making for itself..but it seems the networks are otherwise busy for the moment, Mr Kapur to appear sometime in the late afternoon as usual for the results commentary.

Profits are up 40% at $54 mln and Net Interest Income at $88.5 mln The Basel I Capital Adequacy at a tired 16% showing a lot of uptake in Credit to come can be easily absorbed even with a steeper incline of RWA. No data yet on Fee income and growth in Deposits etc yet but we are on the prowl..

(MindTree is celebrating quite a pop after its accidents of the last few quarters with a $92.53 mln revenue quarter, IT services and BFSI each growin gin double digits quarter on quarter..nah! we won’t eread too much into fact without YES and Opto, we would not carry any others , even PE , without a $1 bln bang in the quarter – largeky because of the no. of threads running here that have to be taken care of, The Euro for example uis a great investment at $1.42)

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