Foreign Banks in India: Losing the premium mark in Delhi, Bombay

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Though Bangalore remains buoyant and probably by extension Calcutta and Hyderabad, I would posit that Metropolitan megatrons of Delhi and Bombay have quit on Foreign bank custom esp after the derivatives market wound down and limits on Swaps created business in Credit warned by RBI in June. Of course at both StanC and HSBC CIB business has grown Even Indian Banks have pointed to recent growth (HDFC Bank) coming from Tier II and Tier II towns ( which would be towns of 1- 5 lacs pop)

Stanchart produces $9 mln lower CB results

The India business of SCB and that of HSBC talked of static consumer banking income and/or loan book sizes. Asia’s GBP 6.8 bln ($10 bln) EBITDA for HSBC and $3.1 bln for StanC boasted of almost 80% Hongkong contributions in the profits for HSBC and the largest 25% for StanC with India coming in at $451mln (Op Profits) for HSBC and $378 mln for StanC. SCB extrapolates INdia GDP at 7.7% and 8.3% for the next 2 years.

SCB Op Proft or EBITDA is down 39% for the HY over the same period last year as income dipped 12% in India. Consumer Banking ex India grew at a fast clip for SCB and is $404 mln fo China , a relatively new piece of growth for the bank

For both banks markets in Hongkong, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia/Thailand and Indonesia, have delievred extreme growth on the runrate normally ascribed to a secular Indian banking market

India business will grow to $1 bln in Op Profits for HSBC by 2013 Hongkong business for SCB matched the groups overall growth in NII as China renminbi business grew on the islands of Hongkong for both the banks  with the India  CEO for HSBC Stuart Davis cautious in lending over growing NPAs

SCB’s deposits grew by 9% for the 6 months ended June 2010 Operating exepnses  in CB grew to $174 mln at a faster clip with continuing investments by the bank Op profit from India at $44 mln speaks volumes about the bank’s challenges in their largest market so far

Stanchart doubles Offshore WB, HSBC builds fee income worth $375mln

HSBC relied entirely on the CIB business to produce profits, wth $393 mln from Investment Banking and Loan income doubled to $78 mln as the business staying with the bank would be amenable to cross product business and insensitive to rate increases, being a part of the corporate’s business to banks and not the relationship as lead bank still in many cases. The Advances for HSBC are a mere $4.2 bln on its total loan book of $6.1 bln or INR 25000 Crores

StanC doubled its offshore income from Wholesale Banking to $185 mln but operating income (Topline is static for H1 2011 at$760 mln over $770 mln in the second half of 2010 WB assets grew in India by 10% and India remains an important market to break open for both the Emerging markets dominant banks


Even with 15000 new jobs in Asia,  India is unlikely to be a big growth market for HSBC, SCB stepping in to wean away the common DNA as HSBC drags on consolidating RBS business and looks to India and China out of their Top 5 businesses. all in Emerging MArkets like Mexico, Singapore and Malaysia

StanC’s India costs have been growing due to the extra hiring planned for the India business where HSBC will be managing 300 new ABN AMRO staffers in Bangalore alone StanC also delivered a much healthier cost income ratio globally

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