Who’s ‘Here for good’!

and this one is inspired by a rather tasteful Asian campaign by Standard Chartered who may be definitely well stationed in the country. However the question is who is here for good in real terms as all our FII inflows have quickened into outflows from this cycle and FDI has replaced FII flows completely in a sign that we are not really part of anyone’s long term portfolios.

Large funds have a lot of cash on hand as they exit Europe in time , even with scars , and also get out of some volatile Asian markets that continue to give it negative returns. India, like Turkey is waiting for a bottom to emerge especially because the FII trading cycles seem to be enjoying a new found freedom in this country instead of apportioning duly a good amount to back their investment picks that brokerage arms have no shiort supply of since markets broke 5000.

India and China much more than India remain good long term destinations but we need a good crop of FIIs whio can keep their trading itch away from being long term investors even as they search for sustainable business models for the next cycle A general mandate for emerging markets, a risk mandate for frontier markets and running around redwood trees in US and Europe marets does not seem like a strategy that has much of a claim to profit this year or even decade. We need commitment to India and not just as FDI players but as investors and traders willing to make a partnership. even as a Food Security act a Land Rehabilitation Bill and a Mining profit distribution bill finally get approved, we still need able partners to underwrite our stability to ensure we get the desired investments in infrastructure.


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