October Auto Sales (India 2011)

India’s festival time auto sales were expected to take October 4 wheeler sales to 170,000 after consecutive months below the 150k mark Maruti’s market share has dipped to below 40% and October has seen only 55600 Marutis

In the meantime Ford has improved its share by 31% in the first 10 months and VW, Toyota are also

Maruti Suzuki A Star

growing at the expense of Maruti by an even higher percentage on a smaller base Ford has improved sales from 77k till Oct 2010 to 102k for the same 10 month period in 2011

Latest reports

Maruti     : 55,595 (51k domestic)
Hyundai : 33,000 (excl. exports)
TataMo  : 24,000 (Nano 3696 up 26%)
Ford       : 11,000?
GM        : 10,200 (static , just caught up with Ford volumes in the last 6 months)
VW, Toyota: High growth on 3k-5k base may catch up with GM sooner than you think

It looks like October tunrned out a good month for personal consumption spend and durables (unsecured  loans) as Autos stayed below 150k sales.

2 wheelers have been growing at 20% y-o-y while Car sales are down at least 15% year on year and are not expected to improve soon

Hero reported another 512k and Bajaj another 320k having worked out its kinks in the UP factory

Maruti’s dealer surveys show that canceling customers have been walking into Toyota Liva and VW dealerships who brought out new models after June

To Munsiyari on a Maruti, Uttarakhand.
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