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Adidas store in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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With bold and happy pronouncements on how FDI in retail is being considered as per plan to 51% in Multi Brand retail and 100% in single brand retail, one would think all is well. But the GOM approval is hardly the known factor in these last minute proclamations from persons close to the fire adnd should be observed and followed uop for their real strength if any. The FDI of 26% by Foreign airlines for example is already in a soup between 24% requersted by the Ministry of Finance and 26% that DIPP wants as it would promote at least a power to pass special resolutions accruing to the global airline investing. Not that that should be much of  afactor but it makes the paranoid Ministry’s position suspect in both cases as it regrets issues of control in FDI. both Retail FDI and Aviation are eagerly awaited to be approved in the next 2-3 days

On our part we back all circumspection to the hilt, the recent crisis underlining the fickleness of Foreign investors and their propensity to look for leverage and scamper away with the booty like the banks getting rid of global assets inspite of their profitability as they face a shortage of capital

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