India approves multi brand retail FDI

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The ruling congress may yet see a resurgence in its poll prospects if a quick 1 mln jobs can be created by investors before India’s own general elections and by the time the 12th Five year plan ends in 2016-17

India has pushed itself out of the regional race in growth with China with slower reforms in a culturally diversified economy. Each state will independently authorize retail investments in its cities A little delay in implementation may also be expected as Metropolitan consumption spending has been dull compared to demand in the hitherto neglected rural areas esp for Non Discretionary spend items like DTH and Autos where MNC brands hardly sell 10,000 cars a month  or 100k motorcycles in a market that sells 1.4 mln cars a year compared to 1.4 mln cars a month in neighbouring China

Multi brand retail extravaganzas are also funding India’s governments in land sales neighbouring metro projects or revitalising old shut down textile mills and their promoters in Delhi and Mumbai respectively

Apart from rural infrastructure investments, global chains would need to eye prime real estate to compete with global brands and high grade shopping malls in larger cities. Investments in supply chain would need to be really stepped  up to hit a 50% investment mark unless initial investments are planned in the range of $1 -2 bln than the required $100 mln


Read all the ramifications and the current set up here 

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