Happy Thursdays! East is East?

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RBI is unlikely to post extra liquidity except thru 9% auctions to buy bonds at their window weekly. There will be no CRR cut, non food inflation expected to trudge down to negate everything else and the rupee expected to walk out of the hole it dug itself. Funny thing is, all of this is going to happen in the rest o f December and then the next Rupee level ( ML drives a 58 minimum) sets into view at the far end of the scope.

ECB/FCCB failures if any unsung ones yet, could in the meantime drive rupee deeper into its first hole, On this golf course hole Index ( indicating depth/difficulty of hole) increases steeply with each putt. Thus, no putt, no hole! That means no FDI, no retail, no aviation, no more ethan two strategic investors for Kingfisher, AND NO BUYING TILL THE INDICES BOTTOM OUT! stay away and eat healthy in the holidays! FCCB items have been added in a new post timestamped concurrently

The reforms have hit a wall. And no Wall street journal cameo can undo that. Livemint.com, ET and advantages.us do not matter in the larger scheme of the writing having been writ on the wall, the pen moves on to spoil more walls for others. FT’s caught on to its weaknesses in understanding India, it pushes Indonesia for Indian government to realise blah blah blah!  Indonesia’s got another crash coming of its own making as the Coal situation worldwide is causing serious powerburn. Indian rice is replacing Thai contracts in Philippines and Indonesia as the floods in Thai shut down the economy. Japan has not recovered yet. Korea and Taiwan doing well right now are watching out for the big wall once Chinese slowdown ripples up to the coast.

Inflation figues would be updated here as they appear. Fuel is still 15.5% Food inflation a sharp ciliff from 8% last week to 6.6% and Primary articles ( non food + basic + food) at 6.92% Good show! SIAM has updated November sales to 171,000 units from 159k last month


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