ICICI Bank under pressure, market likes a turnaround

firstpost.com leads with a weird ‘post’ today showing amchi mumbaikara’s frame (unhinged) of mind. the headline screams, why ICICI Bank blah, photo pic is one of the anti corruption celebration as the government signs 3 anti corruption measures to meet the mountain and I did not read the rest.

Though India has rejected the three (four ) critical sector FDI updates incl Retail, Banking and Insurance (Aviation in a new soup too!) and ICICI Bank is struggling to find its bottom , it is by no means representative of the Indian economy per se esp with such “Blitzy” slash as an opinion befuddling young minds and inviting perennial dissing from market commentators.

What is likely however , and that is why the $4 bln FII flow till now is safely locked up ( after 20 years, another first ) as anyone exiting now for a lower bottom would miss instead an instantaneous splurge which could bring the market back to 5300. Though many would have advised to start accumulating, not many would be brave enough to purchase block trades or fundamentally take a larger position at today’s touchy levels. The 54 we talk about now is that of the rupee on its way down to more stable depths ( we think!) where our IT exports ( merchandise exports having died already in textiles, tea et al) would be saved by the profits from the sold rupee. Unfortunately that also gives fodder to the bears as a Rs 100 exchange rate of the rupee would make your litre of Petrol / Diesel worth Rs 200 per liter / Rs 150 per liter even with a Rs 5 Tln locked in subsidies.

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