Happy Thursdays! A trading thursday before the new series

Inflation & Gold
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As 2012 begins on a low note , market levels are encouraging enough for investors to make a commitment to India for more than a few million and they laso have been able to play the non FII traders in the market who continue to roll over (angel brok) short positions in short of the eternal 4500. Inflation figures were encouraging witha 6 year low on food inflation

Onions were 40% cheaper last week, 60% this week while potatoes are also down 33% as warehouses start collecting stocks and rot starts while waiting for good exports prices.

Primary inflation came under 3% meraning good numbers for basic goods and primary articles supporting the falling nose of inflation with fuel stubbornly continuing but lower at 14.5%

There have been subtle changes in the Dollar – Euro – Commodities links ( see article ) in this month despite the year end low volumes and lack of interest which evidence a great year for equities from next week! Happy new year,e veryone and thanks for staying around!

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