India Auto Sales Report (December 2011)

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In the month of December, most car makers enjoyed the reprieve in Exports with domestic sales recovery also showing in the numbers. However while Hyundai increased both domestic and total numbers to 29,500 and 48,950, its exports remained below the 20,000 mark. Maruti struggled with only 78,000 units in domestic sales and 92,000 overall as its limited production of diesel units and the break in wholesale demand was attributed for the continued weakness by the sales team at the company. Its exports of 14,000 units were a dull beat 33% behind Hyundai but up 50% on its own count from 2010.

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The A2 segment bills 42,500 units for Hyundai with moer than 6,500 units in A3 sales. The year’s numbers

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were a respectable 615,000 for the Koreans in India incl. 242,000 Exports.

The General Motors business increased to more than 9,000 while Ford was happier with 7,500 sales for the month and Nissan counting 50% growth at 1,500 units in December 2011. Mercedes underlined the year’s 7500 sales with a 750 units sold in December.

Honda cars remained stuck at 1000 units instead of the 5000 plus sold last year each month. Tata Motors recovered from last year’s fracas with 29000 units sold. Incl Exports, Car sales are up to more than 220,000 units again incl Mahindra and Mahindra’s 19,000 units and Toyota’s massive 16,000 sales.   Volkswagen reported full year sales of 78,000 from the country with 75,000 small cars in Polo and Vento and 1,688 Jettas ( in 5 months) Ford completed 100,000 units in sales in November

In two wheelers, Bajaj Auto’s 305,000 includes its CV sales of nearly 15%, while Hero grew its large base to 524,000 units for the month and Honda came in at number 3 with a good 191,000 two wheelers sold.


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