The RE60, the 1.4 mln Akash Tablets and another LNG unit

The Bajaj auto effort to showcase the 3 wheeler market is an honest and probably remunerative strategy to capture latent non markets for consumer goods and durables in India as most categories have less than 50% attributable to brands and we have npot progressed beyongd the first few gains for brands last heard in the nineties.

In the meantime Datawind is reaping gains of consumers realisign their world ahs changed with more than amillion $35 tablets ordered. Blackberry sold 7000 of its tables it two days after it brough tprices to $200 closer to its international rates and half of its offer price earlier. Datawind is expanding to four mfg plants adding Noida, Kochi and Hyderabad 2 to its one plant in Hyderabad right now.

Meanwhile, the younger Ambani still has traction left in public and power infrastructure play Reliance Power,

Ambani's palace behind the hanging garden's
Image by xnmeme via Flickr

while its other flagship infra and telecom plays are losing investor confidence. East coast gets its first LNG storage plant at Samalkot, near Rpower’s own gas power project. The LNG facility in partnership with shell will cater to 7GW of power generation capacity in the area including GVK power

Zuari has a JV with Mitsubishi in Singapore, the same being used as vehicle to buy both a Fert unit in Peru from Fospac for $46.1 mln. Whatever happened to our post Airtell/ ONGC foray out in Africa and Latam!!!

Almost all from pg5 of today’s ET

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