Bank Policy Tuesday: Policy Rates unchanged, CRR cut by 0.5%

Banks might pull back on the liquidity window, Apparently RBI was not worried on the missuse of the additional liquidity  in the constrained liquidity conditions. India’s CRR is now less than 6% at 5.5% and is likely to stay at the lower rates

FY12 GDP forecast cut to 7%. Inflation target of 7% likely to be met but fuel and imported inflation remains high

NDTL Values are nearer $1.2 Tln or INR 64 lakh crores, releasng 32,000 crores

RBI ofcourse still talks abt Manufactured pdts inflatn as area of concern

PMEAC may have bridged MOF expectations to RBI despite a clear mandate to RBI on the subject. We have advocated CRR/SLR cuts to lower levels and many banks have even asked for abolition of CRR to a  lower global Reserve requirements ratio of less than 20% against the now 29.5% incl 24% SLR which has however been denied by the PMEAC , MOF and RBI and banks themselves keep more than the required in Central Baank securities over and aboe the 30%. As and when these securities are actually released, much more can be fed into liquidity which the Centrsal Bank attempts thru NIBD status for these securities with it.


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