Happy Thursdays! The weekly inflation data is gone..

A lot more of the pizzazz has come back into Indian expert speak as commentators build on the value multiples in the Capital Marrkets. Now that the indices have journeyed into skyscraper Monday – Wednesday, one would wonder why investors bother with an India portfolio at all, as very few got in at 4700 and very few will now get out at 5100 , that the indices if ever will come down for further buying below 4700.

India’s premium also means it identifies the data series for inflation as too much scattered data on primary inflation and fuel inflation thus we now have to work with CCEA’s monthly week1 release of WPI alone.  

Luckily, the banks and infrastructure companies are back even if you count out the redundancies of 1200 at HSBC, 100 at Citi and a few at BNP. Trade Finance should be good for those considering hiring in their banks. Esp as Trade and Finance growth CAGR is likely too remain in the 20s despite the statistics and the infrastructure pad ups. 

StanC is hiring, Singapore and Dubai could probably open up to Indian hiring soon and the US gets rid of outsourcing bug we might even look at global companies getting more H1Bs for welcome immigration in other professions esp in Financial Services and other Travel/Transportation, Education and Healthcare, where we can compete with other diaspora from China and Mexico / LatAm as well for what is due to immigrants that make America’s 47% science jobs and 24% of all jobs. 

The Bank Nifty is pulling out though, If you bought a few puts before Tuesday you would be good for a few millions in the bank too.  And youmay need to book your trades more frequently as it is giving you an opportunity to do that because it mulls new upmoves midway , like probably tomorrow Puts could lose value when Bank Nifty spikes again, before the big move down. 

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