Re’soul’utions for India 63

Post Modern India or whatever else you might want to name it, India has new institutions that you cannot forego now foreverwhatever be the origin of the food/ car/ industry/ and non profit effort.

1. Big cars with or without CSE’s new 160k duty to penalise their driving on India’s new roads, will eventually catch up in value sales with the small cars, esp in rural india with no tenacity in the urban mouse based alto and santro(i10) or Beat. Also, the SUV has to succeed before the hybrid

2. Half a dozen efforts on the UIDAI will not do. And I mean the six different agencies that ar epublishing biometric ids rather than agree to the NIDAI bill. Similar infighting over the DTC, GST s only likely to make the next governance layer antd the next set of reforms much more harder and the government much further from current “nearer ground” / open practices

3. India needs the welfare economy, and welfare institutions that guarantee employment or social favor will haev to perform wth the pizza huts in the cities

4. India’s urban cuisine will continue to certify more global fast food decor and franchise from McDonalds and Au bon pain to KFC, Pizza hut and even the Cafe Coffee Day despite questionable finance, redoubtable governance and lack of foresight and vision, but based on strict process adherence and global franchise maps which s also a key difference why we are not China or McDonalds’ that big market at the beginning. That also means entertainment spends on Malls, food courts and Multiplexes are the fastest growing and probably the largest salary expense head in a few years if we play a good urban housing infrastructure card

5. Indian Sports will continue to struggle without Infrastructure,. The recent influx of money could only create another Cricket institution in IPL and the other sports will continue to find bigger, better sponsors but not endearing institutions. The 2012 London Olympics unfortunately have other important issues forcing India’s hand

6. India’s Banking will reach the rural billions but not only thru technology and payment platforms. Thus the blueprint for Rural services led by banking nad finance has to include more push factors encouraged by planning blueprnts. Why don’t ewe try a $3 bln contribution from the governemnt to a $100 bln global bank that will set up these service centers throughout , esp to make NMZ instruments and projects such ads the DMIC a reality and ntot just policy notes without FDI interest




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