Bank results season : ICICI Bank begets the vote of confidence, PNB grows NPAs

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ICICI Bank Deposits are now INR 2.7 Tln and only 101% of advances against the expected 125% or the ideal 130% As a proportion of the $ 95 bln balance sheet they are tracking and only 65% are retail deposits That means the NIMs are overoptimised and s and when ext borrowings are added to leverage the balance sheet it might erode further from 2.7% Based on subsidiary incomes and its NII and other fee income it has been growing well however.

PNB grew Gross NPAs , with Net NPAs rising from 0.84% to 1.12% losing momentum with NII growing 10% and NIMs down a fraction to 3.84%

ICICI Bank however grew NII to INR 27.1 bln and Profits to INR 17 bln in the December Quarter. The profits were 20% higher from December 2010. ICICI Bank NII grew at 17% and Net Npas fell to 0.3% , provisions a further smaller 3.6 bln The compoany’s loan book is now at INR 2.31 tln or $46.3 bln

The bank’s 18 international operations still make 50% of the book and mortgages only 35%. Retail deposits are only 65% of the deposits and the loan book will grow at 18% incl the March quarter for FY2012

September’s Profits were a bigger INR 19.92 bln. September provisions were INR 3.2 bln CAR remains above 18% and 13% (Tier I by Basel 1.5 calc) as per RBI directives for 8% CAR reqts. September NII was INR 25 bln and the current is a 8% QOQ growth

The bank plans to cement its growht with recovery in retail growth and the clampdown on corporate lending effectively continues. CRE is less than 4% of the Company’s loan book. The bank’s $100 bln balance sheet is the second largest int he country behind public sector SBI

ICICI Bank NIMs continue to languish at 2.7% but are likely to improve with focus on retail It has grown free income basis in Transaction banking fees and remittance fee income while M&A fee also languishes in current market. Life insurance premium has grown by a healthy margin again

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