Did the Citi read it right?

Citi just highlighted that the upbeat market conditions could also bide well for the Primary market i.e. IPOs and the secondary market sale on the exchanges for the ONGC FPO to boot. Ideally, the IPO market should never have lost the sentiment. But the sentiment going away and remaining only for speculative scam 3.0 means the advanced ilk , able to see through and advocate IPO scams to the others is unlikely to be out of interest and disenfranchised in this market. Unlikely therefore that the era of retail investing will ever return to IPOs. I do hope we discover more than one scam in two years or one big scam in four years as the markets try another edge of the precipice proposition and drown out the sane. 

Secondary market trends are pretty sane of course. It is probably just the way back office armies have been raised to belive in scams and doing right as Baddshah even in small towns of today, the educational system taking the fall for chiropractors not getting the tools of the trade in an erstwhile biggest market of Asia. Not that we are in competition with the kind of FDI attention other markets get some time. Only 10% of the investment in Asia is bonafide and luckily our currency is insulated from most of the arbitrageurs and two bit speculators populating liquidity in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia not to forget even Philipines, Bangladesh and Pakistan


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