Port infrastructure: The Adani and Guj Pipavav Miracles

Again a DNA lead on the Money pages, the story of how Adani and Guj Pipaval have grown volumes in 2011-12 with 90% in two years in Pipavav respectively is a stroy of Private enterprise success even as JNPT and Kandla remain the only others growing India as a shipping destination while public ports at the bigger locations are lost in degrowth challenges . 

Mundra has already handled 51TEU of port traffic last year and this year , assuming last quarter’s 16.6 mln TEU (tonnes and 20 ft Eq Units have been equated in our analysis review) to continue we will end up above 60 mln TEU this year at the new port. The Pipavav terminal in the mean time scores 610k TEUs though the port says it does not do well on bulk containers.



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