Predilections: Manufacturing a perfect pre budget rally

Mutual funds in India
Mutual funds in India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unmindful of the gross excesses reported by falling revenue and growing imports, the large $50 bln subsidy bill in FY2012, the uncouth handling of the elections by the incumbent government hitting chances of a reform friendly budget and the low scratching IIP ( irrespective of statistical aberrations) the pre Budget rally started at an equitable 5300, not waiting for a lower tab, allowing reasonable hopi chatter on the networks and making budget experts out of such midcap CEOs that are rarely heard, the mdeia will get the maximum mileage out of this pre rally as the content is mostly fit for filibuster with an insipid agenda ensuring that budget day will find everything on a bullish cndlestick.

I expect today and tomorrow to be more about finding the right mid Caps for a good bang for the buck for India Funds which remain few and far in between, a random occurence in between US entries and exits, European analysis and Scaremongering about China with every $! bln of the $10 bln reaching the middle kingdom every month, while India fights for every cent of interest

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