W00T! Posterous joins the Big League of social media.

Twitter is consolidating events and social media platforms with an even paced almost methodical madness without revenues having jumped , showing faith int he free Web 2.0 has some institutional backing yet. Location, multi user and social blogs all done with alacrity. If you missed the news, posterous founders have sold the platform to twitter and move on.

Also Second market is not but sharespost and the guy sending you Twitter shares on offer email are close to settling with the SEC / being charged shortly for having solicited from domestic US consumers for privately held equity and probably a few counts related to how many shareholders a private company can have. Goldman Sachs if you remember sold the shares to everyoneo outside the US instead of at home to skip troubles with the 500 shareholder limit

Also in Social media , PE star Peter thiel moves to a University to teach CS 183 , entering Start Ups as a elective for Comp Science majors designed as “the last course you will ever need”

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