The Rail Budget 2012-13

Internal funds /revenues of INR 2 tln

Extra budgetary support of INR 2.5 tln

Dividend ploughback ( if accepted) INR 200 bln

and small rail funds contribution of INR 8 bln

and no funds left for modernisation and safety.. Stocks like Kalindee Rail and BEML react unfavorably even as 19000 kms renewal and upgradation is again put on the table! (5 year) Bartronics up on hopes of GPS implementation contracts

$10 bln in Market Borrowings this year, not much retail, The $12 bln in modernisation spread over 5 years, probably just 20% of the required.

INR 1.7 tln or $35bln to be spent on rolling stock incl wagons, engines and also expenditure on signals and other equipment

Some new corporations have been proposed incl Logistics Corp. Present Financing from IRFC. 4 new Coach terminals are proposed presumably counted in the Investment requirement calculation with a Funding Deficit of $350 bln over the next 10 years.

Faster shatabdi trains between Metros as a reason for track upgrades..

New capacity requirements of INR 450 bln provided with half the amount at INR 240 bln or $5 bln and The Rolling stock funding in FY13 for INR 182 bln more than 30% of the Annual Plan outlay!

And an ambitious plan to develop 100 new railway stations with the PPP route. the tone her emay bely our frustration but maybe India is like this only

700 kms in new tracks in one year and 1100 kms in Electrification!#!$!

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