Happy Thursdays! A day of expectations

..if only for the small personal things to look forward to , on the weekend even for a guy without income, running thought leadership on Finance and Economy on India and the US and biting himself to get to a place he can get out of his home parking slot and get into a economically remunerative job.

..if only for a repetition of the constraints of global oil and local inflation on the Indian Economy, a weak currency destroing the PPP power bit by bit into a decade full of political chicanery

..if only for a tired market that has seemingly achieved all it can in two months and all for less than $3 bln dollars in investments into the markets and $1 bln in FDI at a tenth the rate of neighbours and not just China anymore, elsewhere in Asia the Resource rich FDI mandates are big and furious. 

..If only for my job consultant with my new focus on Singapore and banks in GIR, if only I had an idea why they are not looking for me already..

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