Woeful india presentation and Analysis – Bloot!

And I do not refer to the ministers, Trivedi or Mamata, I refer to Rishad Sembhalan and otherwise insightful Asia commentary that fails at knowing India or its concerns,. Rarely has something so pathetic been allowed by the Channel as its commentary on India as the lady with the rose for India’s Railway budget ( It was an

Mamata Banerjee's signature.
Mamata Banerjee's signature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

obituary rose, and this is an emotionally charged comment, but yet I seem to have hit the nail on the head more than anyone else for the last 4 years and this is another from that cartel of 100% tricks, that Bloomberg Asia or anyone in Singapore not be allowed to speak on the subject of India.

On the flip side, the entire SE Asia seems to come out trumps always with that cliched view of an incompetent India and its incompetent ministers everyday and we know it is that Economic growth continues to happen despite policy not with new  policy by now. . ( and this time Pictures of Mumbai laborers…1!! ) while we filled with hope remain with pen/ keypad at hand, building that movement.

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