THE INDIA BUDGET 2012: Agriculture, Welfare, Textile sector push continue

INR 100 bln NHAI bonds in FY13. UID allocation of INR 147 bln ($3 bln). ECB allowed against Rupee debt nullification for PowerCos

Reaction: I wonder if there is any result of the continuing focus on developing Textiles again , this time in the North East and in Spinning in AP etc

Indian Opp Venture Fund with SIDBI for INR 50 bln for SMEs thru SME exchange

ECB limit of $1 bln for Aviation Capital ( incl  working Capital) on top of Direct import of ATF

Agri outlays INR 284 bln… ECB for low cost housing too

Reactions: Fertiliser Scrips back in play . Should have scrapped subsidies, market would have absorbed impact in the bank run..NHM NMOO (Oil Seeds and Oil Pumps, Horticulture) 

Kaveri Seeds up

Ag credit raised INR 5.75 tln from INR 4.75 tln …Addl subvention of 3% to prompt paying farmers

INR 100 Bln for RRBs thru NABARD

Kissan Credit Cards modified to use as Smart Card at ATMs

Too many schemes with INR 5 bln to INR 10 bln – any cponsolidation shot down lately?

New NM for Food Processing in collab with State govts..I don’t think the government will survive till then

3mln MT of storage capacity this year and 5 mln MT next year !!! (MMT)

INR 373 bln for SC/ST and INR 210 bln for PDS incl computerisation

Tax Free Infra Bonds of INR 600 bln

Integrated Child Development Scheme INR 158 .5 bln increased by 58%

Midday meals extended INR119 bln or $2.4 bln

Age 11-18 yrs INR 20.5 bln

INR 120 bln for Backward area projects or $2.4 bln, Coal India to sign more FSAs with Power plants, NewCo to finance Irrigation projects ( as mentioned in Infra section)

Reactions: Markets happy with Equity markets big post rally starts after DTC leading provisions in Part B irrespective of Duty increases in Cement , Diesel etc

7 thoughts on “THE INDIA BUDGET 2012: Agriculture, Welfare, Textile sector push continue

    1. high i am a lecturer for economics i think this govt has taken some good steps to improve the agriculture but still we have to keep in mind that in 1955 the overall output from agriculture was about 56% right now it is approx around 18% so its a alaraming situation their should be another greenrevolution so that we can improve the productivity , their should be such mecanism that easily any land suitable for agriculture shouldnot be let to construction purpose

    2. Excellent post on The India Budget 2012. Marketing is very important for any business. more leads mean more customers which in turn means, more income. Good to hear that Midday meals has been extended INR119 bln or $2.4 bln. Thanks fpr sharing.

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