Happy Thursdays! Celebrating Cricket, Getting FDI to local consumption markets and growing global trade

Bangladesh’s victory to be in the Asia cup finals at home was no fluke,  and that the country continues to do well after making a few lists like Goldman Sachs’ for investment priority, have done relatively well economically in the last 2-3 years too, Cricket being a rich game for the Economy too.

India’s IPL continues in its 5th edition in a couple of weeks and sponsor spend will keep up with new rack rates, which if used for PPP computations to the Superbowl’s $5 mln for 30 seconds  will give a new satisfaction to those who know it is not the current exchange rate as it comes to about INR 1 = $3.33 , as the Mac index loses its value this side of the Himalayas and Economists return without making the necessary trek, given the easy pickings outside without investing in office staff and the local economy.

That is true in the sense that US FDI outside India comes directly to global trade sensitives and not for the domestic consumption, unlike in India and in bigger success terms China ( with local demand outstripping supply of Mac Burgers, Starbucks coffees and the latest BMW and Mercedes.

India’s budget did not get too much global attention this time, and much as people would like to believe it was much more than Vodafone taxation circa 1962 on the hotline from investors..Kingfisher a bad bag of nuts, and delirious roll her overs online and in the privacy of your homes causing every Indian more heartburn than a hope for cool evenings with delicious Pizza and Vidya Balan’s latest Sexy on the telly!

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