L&T Wins again!

The unlikely bidder and a past promoter of UTI, L&T thru its Finance arm L&T Finance Holdings bought up

Southeast Asia with Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sr...
Southeast Asia with Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fidelity earlier yesterday. However Fidelity MF in India is just $2 bln Assets under Management so I don’t know why they wanted to move from INR 35 bln to INR 135 bln making them #13 if ET is believed. AMFI India apparently has reduced the frequency of AUM data updates a s have multifarious departments as India realises the direct investment options to foreigners are not just achieved by allowing them legally inside and FDI figures look like that of neighbouring Pakistan as mauch as us and behind Sri lanka and Bangladesh. (SOUTH ASIA)

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