So are P Notes in or out

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CoA of Mauritius Français : Blason de Mauritius Deutsch: Wappen von Mauritius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, i understood it thus. There were first the Anti avoidance rules called the GAAr rules which were intended to catch those who benefit from the treaty in Mauritius without belonging to Mauritius per se , with a token presence not backed by assets or business i.e. Offshore investors. These offshore investors have been targeted.

Two, in the clarification on Overseas M&A transaction involving india assets, the intention is not to cover P Notes because underlying equities are Indian Assets. So that piece was unnecessary walk in the park while the trucks were running up and down and you could have all avoided the noise.

The real rule details would thus clarify how Portfolio and FDI investor would be welcomed and how revenue leakage from Maurtitus a s a treaty participant, which remains the key example, would be taken care of now that the new treaty signed has included only token changes at the behest of the Mauritius government. And no clarifications are available yet. We are looking.

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    It’s a great blog. One which fits the nitti gritties of what I read and write upon. I would want to continue a dialog with you. I loved your portfolio. But what I want you to do is expand beyond american businesses. THe world is the oyster for your capital. Cheers. Hope you do keep in touch. I too have a blog on

    I will visit your blog more often to get more details on the crisis and india policy.

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