The Indian Auto Sales Report (March 2012)

Tata Motors seems to be a big winner of the March sweepstakes ( Is that Primary sales and build up of inventories to support a lost cause or true sales, will become apparent by May or June) Pass. Car Sales are up to 36,854 up a third from last year and at least 7000 units from February alone. Nano alone crossed 10,000 units in sales.

Many carmakers expected the prebudget spike in Sales for coming increase in duties. Also the increase in duties may not necessarily hurt retail sentiment in April 2012. Honda was back in March with more than 11,000 cars sold on back of the Brio. Etios and Liva took Toyota to more than 18,000 a 12% increase month on month and doubling from 2011 numbers. Innova still sold 6750 units in the month.

Audi reported a 1000 units sold for the month, probably tax planning for some. Maruti sales were up 6% on month again to 113,000  plus another 13,500 in Exports as Nissan overtakes Vento to #3 in Sedans and City maintaining a 26% share of the market in big cars Maruti exports equalled Hyundai exports at over 13,000 taking Sales to 126k from a 77k low during Q3 2011. Diesel trains continue increasing int he sales mix

Hyundai not to be outdone reported a little under 10% growth from February to more than 39000 units. Ford, GM, volkswagen and Nissan which no not have a single export stat in them lost their various leads and hiccups to bunch around at a little below 10,000 _ GM grew to 9,300, Ford lost momentum over last year to 9,000, Nissan caught iup to almost 6000 in a little less than 3 months and VW almost aught up to 8,300 and normally you would add Skoda to that number.

The weekend has probably extended reporting times for the month’s auto sales at end of the fiscal.  GM has not been happy either in India or China and Ford ready wit h a new plant inaugurated last week for adding 275000 powertrains ( petrol and diesel) to its India Capacity. Nissan has already started exports last month

CV Sales at M&M and Tata Motors also continued to show near 17-20% growth on the 2011 numbers. Volvo/Eicher selling 6000 units, M&M 47,000 incl its 23,000 odd MUV sales and Tata Motors 58,000 passenger units in a 103,000 odd for the month.

Two wheeler sales also likely to hold at 565000 for Hero, 365000 for Bajaj and 200000 for the new #3 Honda. Hero reportedly losing confidence over Honda’s aggressive promotions in the economically affordaable segments while the Bajaj estimate is a good 3% over its highest score yet.

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