Qatar willing to invest $10 bln in India

Even as the PNGRB decision ricocheted again against almost closed desals for British Gas and future expansion in Nat Gas Storage and distribution was hit by the 63% reduction in network tariff and 59% reduction in compression charges, Qatar’s announcements for a $10 bln investment in India is hsored up by a firm office in India apart from its office in Paris. Qatar has only $500 mln invested in desha nd $6 bln in China while its European investments are led by $30 bln in Germany its 29 bln investments in 2011 include interest in VW, Porsche, Sainsbury,  Harrods of London and self proclaimed venture investor owned LVMH. Sony’s $11 bln loss is likely in the meantime to firm up the firm’s eminent withdrawal from India, consumers relying on updated import models than locally dished older varieties. 

Even the digital camera markets in india are expected to remain stunted in size at $1 bln because of the advantage of a deal made on the local portals of Amazon in the USA

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