Happy Thursdays! FIIs on hold for rollback, INR 92 bln in undisclosed income

The Pranab rollback is definitely the highlightof India policy action since the last Olympics in neighbour Beijing nation. FIIs are fairly confiddent that some more will be due to them on P notes being allowed without the new treaty tax in the bid to catch undisclosed income from foreign jurisdictions

Seven boxers have made it to the Boxing event in the Olympics to start India’s medal hunt. 

The anemic 4% score on the IIP does not beget a Gayle force of investments but India ias apparently awaiting a show of fireworks by the FIIs this year along with a stong FDI score to vback the FY 2012 $30 bln score

Meanwhile Air India’s funding of INR 40 bln in equity is part of a total infusion of INR 300 bln inclconversion of INR 120 bln in debt to unsecured debentures. 7000 employees of the AI machine will be transferred to Engineering Srvcs



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