The India IIP Report (February 2012)

Capital Goods production came at 10.6% , Electricity came at 8% but Composite IIP came at 4.1% up from less than 2% in January(1.14%) with Manufacturing at 4% overall. IIP is still at the lower end of the possible range. Janiary was revised down from 6.8% on sugar production data

Capital Goods and Electricity are back to highs after a -2.6% and 3.2% data scores for January 2012 Markets largely ignored the volatile data as Fenb and March GDP is already assumed to be further lower than December 2011. Consumer and durables data show great contraction 9available as inference)

Meanwhile the INR 40 bln infusion inoto Air India is hardly likely to suffice for the megalith which has run down its entire equity


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