Infosys has taken the cake, who’ll be eating it?

Indian It was destined to survive on the thick annuity business of INR 70000 crores or INR 700 bln it has built on an annual basis. The infy revenues of $1.77 bln revenues for INR 23.61 bln profits for the quarter are testimony that this much will be regular business for all practical purposes with no meaningful attrition. Time to concentrate on domestic infrastructure and banking businesses as low margin players like Cognizant are better strategised in relationships and new pitches to take the new rice bran that will be dished out!

I still doubt, infy consulting can grow further from here either as most others are using IMS and level 1 helpdesk as a growth motif in the insutry which will only reduce bottomlines as banks are reduced to single digit returns on equity and the coming boom in manufacturing in the USA unlikely to have any sympathy for outsourcing except limited IT outsourcing while 13 mln unemployed americans question their future daily.

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