Sorry, while I was away, the market was trying out some challenging moves!

The Rupee, the indian Fixed income crunch, the S&P shock and the Bharti Airtel Results. How exactly would you prioritise them again. A critical question for the shallow markets in commodity, yields (fixed income) and currency, the question is equally important as Corporate performance keeps getting lower importance in the wholesale markets ( all non equity segments) and higher importance in the “to whatever extent” retail markets ( cash equities) 

Yields smartly moved nearer 8.75% as Dollar continues its upward trudge unilaterally against the Rupee even as GBP an dYen check its moveinternationally. Commodities action is finally shifting to real commodities and I read to my great surprise that Bill Gross is actually parking the car right next to my spot on that, looking at the same as a market linked event for higher interest rates ( check the confabulations at ZH / ) 

it seems to me that the quarter’s results are just confirming what are the best investments in the Indian and US markets and really  the noise on frontier markets will again turn out to be highly timed unidirectional shrill tones that don’t last more than 6 months each in trading as markets hardly exist for anyp of those and one time agains will hardly accrue to 3 maybe 4 parties at the most and one of them have to be the local citizens/governments/economy

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