Happy Thursdays! Using treaties to challenge regressive legislation

The Indian government is in a bind and perhaps that would bne a reason the old bound and gagged Left would not okay Pranab Da for the President’s position so he can take another stab at the regressive Indian pullback from GAAR for Vodafone to spectrum cancelation for Uninor, that’s truly got everyone swimming for a new shore for the island that is India. Alas, as an island India continues to get the same amount of interest as a Fiji than as a large landmass of its size and the large ( and getting fed to be larger) middle class daily especially because investors know they can demand and expect such fly bys as Tax cancelations and fixed spectrum prices. Both Uninor and Vodafone present real threats as they would invoke longwinding legislation that would not only hit the government offices again for not being prepared but also wipe out  remaining FDI interest in India, telcoms and more in India for more than 3 years. it would be foolhardy to think we can live without FDI even in Telecom where we have 70% of the population holding phones let alone, mining, power and infrastructure where we have been barely able to begin. 

That does not mean India will keep on growing though, so one is not sure what exactly cst Adidas half the Reebok india stores and a EUR 870 mln correction in the books alongwith SS Prem’s leaving the company, Reebok seemed to be far up the path of success and if all that was an illusion we deserve to know as much as we would know in the case of alisted company

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