Fixed income Report: O India! Is that how it will beeee…!

Indian yields settled down to 8.5% comfortably after a run on the Indian bonds brought them back above 8.5%

Does it have an hackney licence? Parked outsid...
Does it have an hackney licence? Parked outside Rolts Garden Centre, Clacton Road, Elmstead Market, this is a Bajaj RE three wheeled passenger carrier. Back in its native India, they are used as taxis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when the Dollar ran up a big 1% wall and kept the Euro from crashing in Indian trades. The recovery in rate sensitives may now have a stronger reason to yield to Export heavy businesses like Bajaj Auto and Infosys but whatever be your sectoral poison, the Indian markets will accept all inflows and the inflows will keep getting stronnger from these levels in the equities market.

And though no one would bet on the Rupee’s recovery, the RBI would come in only once and thus that currency equation remains weak for us under

Bajaj auto rickshaws in Adama, Ethiopia.
Bajaj auto rickshaws in Adama, Ethiopia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

pressure from hot money as always. Asia leads global recovery and in the Asian recovery, India leads from the front followed by China and its ASEAN friends with Chinese investment

The Euro unfortunately complicates india’s still effectively Dollar pegged currency as it wants to protect the interest of Exporters dependent on Price for European demand for indian goods for reasons best known to India’s specific non Capex led dependence on Exports.

The import basket continues to offer super deals to aid the india inflation story and that has definitely eased the pressure on policy planners. But trading whipsaws keep India inc busy rather than new business paradigms. Facebook’s $104 bln IPO or Piramal’s INR 35 bln purchase of Decision Resources Grp become easier to appreciate for predominantly consumption Economies in the USA than for the Indian palate. 

5 thoughts on “Fixed income Report: O India! Is that how it will beeee…!

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    1. Vinit, that’s an important category people miss out on. Do you also vouch for pension products? Are there any pension products available with indian yields for those of our friends outside india? Infra bonds?

      1. Zyakaira

        HI Sorry for replying so late. But have not checked my wordpress account in a long time.

        THere are a lot of infra bonds available and if you wan info or would like to invest I could ask one of my colleagues to get in touch with you.

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