India week of May 21-May 25

The India story now almost all available here at The india Post and the Blog of Blogs, showcases a loose bottom around these valuations and nothing in the fundamentals is going to take the markets down further. However as governments go, any steps that look like reviving reforms and rejuvenating indian flows areunlikely before June.

Accumulate best picks now or perish at leisure and as MS’ Ridham Desai also mentioned on the networks over the weekend ( Bloomberg UTV / Market Guru) indicated Nifty picks may not be the ones available at undue arbitrage / discounts in the market. I was thinking of checking up on PFOCUS contracts i.e. not F&O but what future Order pipeline looks like as the ONMOBILE saga also gets a knife edge away from disaster. 

HDFC is a good pick for markets to start back but then someone is still looking for a bargain out their or hoping for a rally breakout on the rebound and that is going to keep the markets yonder from both ends of the horizon. 


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