India inflation logs in for the India party

Concerns over India’s rising inflation attributed to structural issues as imported inflation hung over India like a blanket have finally ticked down as Commodities remain downbeat after China’s rush in Copper precludes much more of a safety hike to Gold and Silver.

Though the bull will remain in precious metals and Copper most other commodities are down as is the Dollar India inflation reports marked up the MArch data of 6.9% to 7.2% in April but it is not expected to go up much from there as the Indian currency joins the fightback against the Dollar Further drops in the Euro are unlikely to affect the Dollar index per se. 

Indian indices continue consolidating above 5000 ith the Global rally in equities and the prospects of Manmohan Singh taking over the reins from Pranab Mukherjee as the next Finance Minister. 


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