Morning Trading Strategies – India June 20, 2012

First of all, for theinformation of readers who may now be coming back after a hiatus, now that Capital4 servers are seemingly under pressure I have been picking actively at

Secondly, i still primarily believe in fundamental stories, but most have been played out and replayed for a few times to warrant spending time now on finding a new set as well

A quick review of the primeHD feed with MC/CNBC India can get you most of the brokerage picks but sometimes they will overlap with my commentary  and differ in time span, start date, duration and mostly direction when I can see a transparent weak pump on the stock. 

GAIL put on trading buy to 360 is a good pick with ICICI Direct. However another from ICICIDirect backing Bharti Airtel remains out of my comfort range. Bharti Airtel is a dead story till the margins get out of the ropes they have bound themselves in with falling ARPU back and investors able to see thru that despite the great performance in April

Selling Cement / ACC/ Ambuja on the CCI decision against 39 companies later int he day is entirely upto each of you on your ‘whim and fancy’. I do not see it fundamentally changing their down days yet they will have one extra rally later that will count while Infra and Construction will only move on REAL good news on the Economy, due about six months from now in most expectations

Aviation and consumption goods are worth only for long term and medium term plays and Jubilant Foods must be shorted at eveyr opportunity with quick exits a range of around 35-50 should suffice. when it picks up steam it is better to let it go above 1215-1220 and then act RBS pick SEsa Goa does not seem like a good idea and Citi for a change after a long time is likely good on Energy as the new diversion to keep Nifty from sagging on banking ‘fortunes’

However my picks would be the following

CIPLA (Long, Medium, Short Term)

LUPIN (Long term)

ORCHID (medium, Long)

I would hope for a correction in SUN PHARMA and have no opinion on Dr Reddys


Again on the fundamental space the Orbit Corp, Phoenix and HDIL stories are off. do not pursue them

DLF is a good short in the segment till 185

JYOTHY LABS is not a good pick till you are certain, Auto Ancilliaries are a good segment ont he move with increasing sales traction. JAMNA Auto ( a long term holding for me) has been giving a good Beta on the market average

The Bansk are good except that Axis is not a buy yet in the “Big Four’ in trading ICICIBANK, HDFC BANK, SBI and AXIS BANK and are all buys for the long term. Axis would likely bottom to 938, SBI will unlikely break below 2000 and ICICI is a good buy at current prices. HDFCBANK seems to have decided to consolidate again till real news comes in

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