Morning Bites of Substance: Dollar makes pre open woozy


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The Dollar apparently ‘unfairly ‘ beat equities to the open, climbing to 57 despite weakness in the Dollar index, again designed to keep the falling euro in balance and rising against the Rupee

1. Apollo Hospitals are setting up 2000 pharmacy units in the next 3 years, though 5000-10000 will be critical mass EBITDA of the private label business is expected to grow by 12-15% and that of the overall branded business by 7-8% Pharmacies sruvived 2012 March with a 5.7% EBITDA and apparently older non performing stores will be shut down

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2. Reliance Anil Ambani is buying into Shopper’s Stop spending INR 515 M on 1.76 M shares likely taking its stake to 5% from the March data shared in print

3. Jyothy is likely to relaunch Henkel Brands, Margo, Pril, Henkel and Fa this year and Mr White and Neem next year

4. media fave Sun Tv is investing another INR 5 B , 2.5 in movie acquisition and a similar amount in Capex




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