Morning Trading Strategies – India June 21, 2012

Capital Market Line
Capital Market Line (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is still one week to expiry but those selling puts to stay long on the Nifty are safe at expiry also, a rather one way strategy in terms of flows as you do not expect to do a transaction cancelling your position. However, if you have also sold calls and you should always be careful about that, the exit of the bears is on and 5 trading days could still take out 5100 calls into losses which happens above 5160 odd at yesterdays close.

The USD INR move, very wild in the post CM closing yesterday was strong and the global developments on the Euro’s crash also mean that the Indian markets will remain bearish on the Dollar intraday but as it means a bullish Capital Market segment ( and vice versa) it will not fall much unless the equities want a breakout in this series itself.

Banks are good investments as suggested yesterday, Healthcare will remain great and there is a bear play in Two wheelers yet with construction lagging a week of byull sessions before a rally ensues. JP Associates has a play though with a deal in the pipeline hopefully. Market is rangebound and choppy unless you kno your picks

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