Assessing the ‘star’ potential – The recent digitization non starter

Though digitization has added to the fortunes of DTH operators, MSOs like Hathaway and DEN are reaping the dividends of the digitization policy that allows signals to be broadcast digitally. But between the DTH operators themselves apart from identifying Tata Sky as a first mover with quality services and products or Airtel Digital as a well endowed challenger with ability to absorb pricing adding to its marketing prowess recently the others are a mass of also been there including the pioneer from Dish Tv or the Reliance product probably. One gets to a mini project trying to identify each without adding qualitative notes in the quant phase and not resorting to just a pathetic bulls and bears story hen putting the quant and the stories together in the second phase. apparently I stil have enough intervention powers to make it happen and probablly hit the right chords for the future of the industry from here as another india consumer story gets close ato a seeming plateau in 2-3 years after a mere 10-15% penetration of the potential market.


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